Unforgettable hunting adventures of over 30 Exotic Species await you at the Circle E Hunting Ranch in Texas!

Spot and Stalk, hunt Safari style, or from a blind - but no matter how you take your exotic, it is a challenge and an experience you will never forget at the Circle E Hunting Ranch in Texas.

• Trophy – quality exotics

• African, European and native species

• Fully guided hunts on 3000 acres at our hunting ranch

• Corporate rates and packages available for exotics
We are always happy to customize any hunt to include any combination of exotics and/or native game. If you are looking for a really superior trophy exotic and want
to hunt that exotic in comfort and style, please consider the Circle E Hunting Ranch in Texas.


                 Over 30 Species of African, European and native game animals are available at the Circle E Hunting Ranch in Texas

      Addax hunts
 Asian Waterbuffalo hunts    
      Axis hunting

      Aoudad hunts
      Bison hunts
      Bison Cow hunting
      Blesbok hunts
      Black Buck hunting
      Black Hawaiian Ram hunts
      Catalina Goat hunts

Corsican Ram hunting
Fallow hunting
Gemsbok hunts
Impala hunts
Jacobs Four Horn hunts        
Kudu hunts
Nile Lechwe hunting
Nilgai hunts
Nyala hunts

Red Lechwe hunting
Red Stag hunts
Sable hunting
Scimitar Oryx hunts     
Sika hunting
Springbok hunts
Texas Dall hunts
Waterbuck hunting
Wildebeest hunts
Zebra hunts





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